Resistance Front doesn’t let “Trump peace plan” is imposed on Middle East
The Secretary of Sunni schools programing council
Resistance Front doesn’t let “Trump peace plan” is imposed on Middle East




    The Secretary of Sunni schools programing council said: today enemies want to impose “Trump peace plan” on Muslims, but Resistance Front will stop it.

According to the journalist of Shafei News Web, Hujatoleslam Kazem Lotfian at the opening ceremony of Ideology Conference of “second step of the Revolution” which was held by the presence of Friday Imams of Kurdistan, Kermanshah, the west Azarbayjan provinces in the Islamic center of the west of the country stated: Imam Khomeini made the world of Islam is waked and endangered the west and east interests.

He added: Henry Alfred Kissinger, an American politician, diplomat, and geopolitical consultant who served as United States Secretary of State and National Security Advisor under the presidential administrations of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, said about the Late Imam that Imam Khomeini manages the revolution in such a way that we believe he is inspires from God.

Hujatoleslam Lotfian stressed: Kissinger who doesn't even believe in Christianity looking at divine face of Imam Khomeini and the image of his administration, he says that Imam Khomeini is inspired from beyond.

Supreme leader is also the most prominent religious, political and scientific figure in today's world, he noted.

The supreme leader is also the most prominent religious, political and scientific figure in the world.

The Secretary of Sunni schools programing council stated: Shahid Soleimani has said that the period of Shia and Sunni divisions has been ended and we have crossed the hard passes of the divisions of the Muslim Ummah and now we are at the highway of Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought towards a Modern Civilization.

According to him Shahid Soleimani as a national and international manager in the field of resistance and Islamic-awakening has talked about this issue and he has understood these evolutions and he has seen the brotherhood between Shia and Sunni in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and in the other Islamic countries.

He continued: The Clergy Association is pioneer in science and faith, dear Islamic personalities depend on the expression of their pen and step, the proclaimed scholars and the Friday and congregational imams in the western part of the country who are always present in the field of informing society.

Hujatoleslam Lotfian mentioned Kurdistan province as the ring of unity in the country and said: this session is of high value because we believe that today clergies are those who have knowledge and understanding.

He expressed: the others who have stepped in the field of knowledge that the ultimate right of their knowledge is to Bringing them to a rationality that distinguishes only good and bad for them, but this is not enough and Islam expect that human reach to understanding.

Islam has taught us, the duty of the clergy is not just to keep the society away from evil, but our mission is to reach the truth of the universe and this is not possible except in the schools of theology and in the light of the teachings of the Qur'an and the supreme teachings of the Prophet and this is an honor for clergies.

He stated: clergies in Iran have freedom of decision, but in the country such Saudi Arabia they have not and today, Saudi rulers try to deprive religion from the scene of Islamic society.

T country has a firm intention which launches more than 30 “ballistic missiles” at U.S. personnel based in Iraq overnight not a country that buy military weapons from America to shed human blood.

He said: we are justified by this noble verse which said "Faith in Belief and Faith in Action" and our mission is drawn in these verses.

We must solidify the humans’ beliefs and teach the main steps of Islam and following it to them.

Hujatoleslam Lotfian added: God Almighty says in the holy Quran that at End time, there will be a group that they will Chase enemies until arrest them in their home and Iran nation has this group signs.

He stressed: enemies try to rule Neal to the Euphrates and stablish a new Middle East to manage it, but the Leader said that new Middle East will be stablished by Iran measure not by their plan.

enemies want to impose “Trump peace plan” on Muslims, but Resistance Front will stop it.

today Iranian nation set their course with divine light not by fake spotlights of US which is imposed on the oppressed Muslim nations.

addressing the clergies, the Secretary of Sunni schools programing council mentioned: our mission is giving people knowledge and guide them to follow the Prophet way that if anyone is not informed, we are responsible for his misguidance.

A doctrine that wants persistence must focus on reading, writing, and missionary, and these three great missions today is the duty of clergies as the intellectual callers of society, he said.

Pointing to four complaints in society, the Secretary added: if behavior and thoughtin society is corrupted, clergies must correct and creating hope in society is the other mission of them

He explained: explanation, creating confidence and hope into people’s heart are the main mission of clergies in the Islamic society.

Today showoff has been continued to be public currency and the duty of the clergies is teaching and popularizing purity in society.