Sister of Imam Reza
Hajar Khatoon Shrine in the city of Sanandaj in Kurdistan Province
Sister of Imam Reza

Hajar Khatoon is the sibling of Imam Reza (PBUH) and daughter of Imam Musa al-Kadhim, the seventh Shia Imam, was died in her brother’ journey to Khorasan and buried in Topole square in Sanandaj

a mosque was built by Molla Ya’goob close to Hajar Khatoon Shrine that later known as Hajar Khatoon Mosque. The late Haj Sheikh Shokrullah the father of Haj Sheikh Abdullah restored it and the late Haj Jalali son of the late Mohammad Sadiq, dedicated a dong of Shahbazi passage shops to the Hajar Khatoon mosque

Hajar Khatoon Mosque and shrine is one of the most important mosques in Sanandaj that was reconstructed and developed by Aref Haj Sheikh Shokrollah, known as Shahbaz of Sanadegh, and considered many endowments for the collection

Crossing the Bazar in Sartopole square, a door with the thick chains and the locks which some ones hanged on the door by the prospect of receiving a blessing draw my attention

using Kurdish-style architecture in constructing a pillared veranda on the south side is another feature of this monument

The use of beautiful Stucco and the consecutive cameos of flowers and plants decorated by great masters and artists are the other features of this place

It is years and years that Ka Ali, the servant of this holy shrine receive pilgrims and I see him dusting, cleaning, vacuuming the space smile and say hello to me

I enter the floor see the pilgrims who read Quran, offer pray and some want their needs from God and every pilgrim resort to Hajar Khatoon to receive a blessing

I go ahead and see a young woman holding her young child to her chest and catch zarih crying ask God to help her for Hajar Khatoon. seeing me she requests to pray and I ask are you from Sanandaj that she say I am a guest from a county and I have cancer and have come here to ask healing from God for Hajar Khatoon sake

I lose myself in sorrow and walk ahead to see the other pilgrims that an old woman who is sitting in a corner and counting a Tasbih attracts my attention. I say hello to speak with her and she says many pilgrims have come here and received their blessings and for many years I coming every Monday and Thursday for Pilgrimage to kiss her foot and I saw many miracles from Hajar Khatoon

miracles of Hajar Khatoon

Maryam, this old woman continues: I have saw many miracles of Hajar Khatoon from healing patients to saving prisoners; I knew a young girl who came here two or three times a week and read Quran and ask God her mother’s cure that one day she came with pastry pack and said Hajar Khatoon healed my mother

As well as I knew a middle aged woman whose son had killed a youth two years ago and she comes here every day to ask God his saving from gibbet, long ago her son was saved by the consent of the victim’s parents

Hajar Khatoon shrine in Sanandaj is a hope center and a place for prayer and vow for the people of Kurdistan province that indicates Sunni people tenderness on the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the Imams (peace be upon him)

we hope that travelers who plan to travel to Kurdistan province, especially Sanandaj, visit Hajar Khatoon holy shrine and ask blessing