Molla Ali Jalalizadeh
Molla Ali Jalalizadeh

Date of birth: 1302/9/5

Place of birth: Galin village of Sanandaj

Date of martyrdom:  1360/4/19

Place of martyrdom: the mosque of Gatarchian neighborhood in Sanandaj

Father’s name: Molla Jalaladdin


Ali Jalalizadeh was born on Azar 5, 1302 in Galin village in Sanandaj. His father, Molla Jalaladdin was the Imam of Galin mosque. He was a child when his father died. He learned Quran with his mother. He traveled diferrent places to study the religious sciences from 15 years old and obtained his license in ifta from Molla Khaled Mufti, Mufti of Kurdistan. He thought during 1339 to 1340, but by mid-1340, he was fired because of anti-regime political activities then he increased these activities that led to his arrest; Molla Ali Jalalizadeh was imprisoned for seven months in Sanandaj and Kermanshah and tortured; after release he returned to Galin village and continued his fighting until the Islamic Revolution succeeded

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, he defended it against seditions of hypocrites. Since the establishment of the Great Islamic Center of the West of the country he joined it and cooperated with it and in 1359 he defected because of oppression and pressure of Cliques until he emigrated from the Galin village to Sanandaj and settled in the Gatarchian neighborhood. At the invitation of the people, he took over the Imamat of Gatarchian mosque neighborhood and worked hard to clear the city of Sanandaj from the hypocrites. Counter-revolutionary people tried ways to silence Molla Ali Jalalizadeh's voice such as threats, harassment and insult, but they could not, so they decided to kill him and on Tir 19, 1360 when Molla and his son returned from Isha prayer, they fired him and his son, Moslem in front of their home and killed them. They have been buried bin Sanandaj.

Activities and Thoughts

Shahid Jalalizadeh, while giving people religious guidance, made them aware of the political situation, 1320 to 1322 were chaos years, and the country was practically in the control of the Allied, Molla Ali Jalalizadeh at this time fought against the occupation forces and encouraged the people to defend themselves against foreigners.

When the masters and local rulers used the poor’s hardwork, and added to their oppression, the misery of the farmers and the poor increased daily, it was difficult for Mullah Ali Jalalizadeh to see this, for this reason, he defended the rights of the oppressed people by decisive word and encourage the poor to demand their rights. In part of his political fights revealed the identity of the founders and inauspicious goals of two parties “saadat” and “edalat” and called them unreal party

Molla Ali used every opportunity to fight against the Pahlavi regime, and in his speeches repeatedly introduced the royal regime as anti-religion and anti-people. He also called the State and provincial associations and the White Revolution as the clear examples of these anti-religious and anti-popular acts. He was jailed for seven months for these activities but continued his fight until the Islamic Revolution led by Imam Khomeini (RH) succeeded

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, he defended its achievements and stood against the mercenaries and hypocrites and did not let them to made people to become desperate of the revolution. He started to reveal the identity of Cliques and hypocrites in Galin village and then in Sanandaj and stultified their slogans

He announced that foreign governments had given them weapons and money to destroy Islam and Muslims and people should not be deceived

When the counter-revolutionaries saw the influence of the martyr Jalalizadeh among the people, they decided to encourage him to cooperated with them and use the influence of his speech, but this pious clergy said aloud in public that Muslims and infidels never compromise, so they were disappointed, they arrested him to force him to speak out in their favor; they asked him to issue Fatwa about the hypocrites who have been killed that are martyrs, but Molla had cried that which martyr? The martyr is the one who is killed in confronting with infidelity and for Islam, those who fight against Islam and the Islamic Revolution are not only martyrs but also infidels and they go to hell, the martyr is a friend of God, but these hypocrites fight against God so they are enemies of Go