Molla Abdolgader BozorgOmmid
Date of birth: 1315/7/10 Place of birth: Spriz village of Marivan Date of martyrdom: 1361/3/5 Place of martyrdom: Loon Sadat Road in Kamyaran Fathers’ name: Molla Alaa’ddin
Molla Abdolgader BozorgOmmid


Abdolgader BozorgOmmid was born on 10 Mehr 1315

His father, Molla Alaa’ddin lived in the village of Spriz in Marivan city. He learned reading and writing and Quran reciting near his father then he studied near Haj Molla Karim and Seyed Ali Hosseini and at the age of eighteen he married a believer girl from Spriz village

While studying religious sciences in Shafii sect, Molla Abdolgader became aware of oppression and corruption of the imperial government and he believe that irreligion and avoiding from Islamic Education are the main reason of that’s oppression, so he began to promote Islamic Education and turn away from  the King and his actors

Because his fighting against the King was not hidden, he had to change his place of living to Tappe Quick village in Ravansar city to continue his fighting

After the victory of the revolution he began to fight against the deceived Cliques and explained the bad characteristics of them for people to avoid from them

Molla Abdolgader joined to the great Islamic center in Sanandaj and spread his activities

Anti-revolutionaries threatened him repeatedly but he believed in his true way and he was not afraid of the Munafiqun even when they took him captive and tortured while he was the Friday prayer leader and Imam of the mosque of Loon Sadat village

Anti-revolutionaries found that he is not inscrutable person, they decided to kill him, so when he and his nephew, a member of the Basij, had traveled to Kamyaran in 5 Khordad 1361, they were taken captive and after torture, they were martyred and buried in Golzar Shohada in Marivan city

Ethical and social characteristics

Intimacy with the Holy Quran and Divine Worship were two essential features of Molla Abdolgader’s life

A long distance of the poor with the rich made him angry, so he fought against the Khans and Pahlavi government actors

He was patient against tortures and persecution; ؛ hope in God and his willingness to become martyr made easy the difficulties of fighting

When he was in prison, his wife worked hard for his release but when she went to meet him, he had said to her: “Because of my freedom from bondage and chains, I will never leave my beliefs, so you go home and try to raise our childes and nurture them to live for the right and in the right way and avoid falsehood “.