Molla Heidar Fahim was born on 1 Esfand 1281 in the village of Avihang in ghaverood area in Marivan city.
Molla Heidar Fahim
Molla Heidar Fahim was born on 1 Esfand 1281 in the village of Avihang in ghaverood area in Marivan city.

Date of birth: 1281/2/1

Place of birth: Avihang Village in ghaverood area in Marivan city

Date of martyrdom: 1362/8/8

Place of martyrdom: Marivan Saral area, village of Grijje

Father's name: Mullah Nezam al-Din


Molla Heidar Fahim was born on 1 Esfand 1281 in the village of Avihang in ghaverood area in Marivan city.

He enjoyed from his fathers’ science and others clergymen at the young age and immigrated to various parts of Kurdistan to complete his degree and he learned religious science near professors such as Mullah Abdullah Kani Ardebil, Mullah Abdullah Mahabadi, Mullah Abdul Azim Mojtahed, and Mullah Habib Rouhani Kashtari, the fighter teacher at the time of Reza Khan, so he obtained Ifta degree.

His Islamic jurisprudence and Principles license was issued by Mullah Habibollah Rouhani, Knowledgeable clergyman and it was approved by the Ministry of Education and Endowments of that time.

Mamousta Fahim taught religious sciences and he was the Friday prayer leader from 1313 for 50 years until two weeks before his martyrdom.

He was a very humble person and he was famous in faith and humility and kindness among people.

A look to the martyr’s fighting

In 1941, when United States dictated its programs to Iran king, Mamousta Fahim started to opposition and called the White Revolution the "Black Revolution."

During the rule of the mercenary groups, he also exposed the atheistic nature of dissidents in the sermons of the Friday prayer.

For this reason and because of his insistence on his right positions, Counter-revolutionary took him captive on several occasions but every time by people’s coming to the scene, they had to release him.

A manifestation of his fighting spirit has been revealed in his letter to the former Friday Imam of Sanandaj on 9 Shahrivar 1962, approximately two months before his martyrdom.

Shahid Fahim accepted Imam Khomeini’s public call since the beginning of the establishment of the great Islamic Center and joined it and cooperated with the clergy council.

This great martyr welcomed the fighters of Islam interring in Avihang area and cooperated with the Islamic forces in clearing the villages.

That tireless Mojahid was in charge of commanding 100 forces in order to secure the area.

His capturing and martyrdom

Cordelan Komela raided the house of martyr on 24 Mehr 1324 on the night of Ashura Hosseini and took him captive by a number of native Peshmerga Basij and after a few days of intense torture, he was martyred.

During the 13 days captivity of the martyr Fahim, the people of Avihang worked hard to release this revolutionist cleric.

Eventually, Komala's group determined two million rials for his release, but Molla Heidar sent a massage to people indicating “my life is coming to an end and I am not want that poor people give money for my freedom”.

Despite this request the deprived people of Avihang village and surrounding villages provided money, but anti-revolutions despite receiving the demanded money executed this 81 years old man in 8 Aban 1362 in Saral area in grijeh village  and they handed over the blood-stained body of the martyr to the people.

Bloody body of this tireless mujahid with passionate participation of the people of Sanandaj was buried.